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26 Inch Magic Pie V2 48V 750w Electric Rear Wheel Bicycle
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26 Inch Magic Pie V2 48V 750w Electric Rear Wheel Bicycle
The 26" Magic Pie V2 48v 750w Rear Wheel Conversion Kit is a motor made for those looking for a pedal-free ride! Its external controller can be programmed to run up to 15mph, and has great torque for pulling up hills. The minimum working requirements for these motors are 24 volt at about 10mph, 36 volt for about 12mph, and 48 volt at about 15mph. Its regenerative braking system allows the bike to generate power while braking, converting the internal energy into usable kenetic energy to power your motor (standard brakes cannot convert the heat and friction in to power). If your commute is further than you'd like to pedal, the 26" Magic Pie V2 48v 750w Rear Wheel Conversion Kit is the kit for you!
Kit Includes:
Magic Pie II motorized wheel with brushless gearless hub motor
Double-wall aluminum rim
Cruise controller with regenerative braking
Waterproff Easy-Connect wires
Thumb throttle
Power brake levers for regenerative braking
Control switches for horn and cruise control and reverse
OPTIONAL: Rear battery rack

External contoller- Its waterproof and color coodinated wires make wiring a breeze and are tough in any weather condition
Regerative Braking- Generate a little more power for your motor with regenerative braking, allowing kenetic energy from slowing down to be converted in to usable energy for the motor
Customizeable- With the after market USB connection, you have full control over your motor! Adjust the motor from 250-750w and go as fast or as leasurely as you'd like

Running Voltage: 24v/36v/48v
Programmable from 250W - 750W
Brushless motor compatible with Cassettes for Multispeed bikes
Great torque and energy eficient!

Internally Controlled
Running Voltage: Variable between 24v to 48v
Max Amperage: 35a Continuous power
Regenerative Brake-Ready
Simple installation and replacement
Reverse feature and Horn compatible

PLEASE NOTE: The optimal battery for this motor is either a 24, 36, or 48 volt battery. Running a battery higher than 48 volts will burn the fets of the controller. Any and all controllers suspected of defects must be sent in for inspection. If the fets are found burn the warranty on the controller will be voided.
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